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My favorite things about Glendive Montana by Bridgett Parker.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

ASS#10 Animals and Setting/Spring Break/10 Random Photos.

Up Close, Iphone shot. good pic for a phone

Uncommon Perspective, High Iso and shutter speed.

Uncommon Perspective, High Iso, Close up shot so no rule of thirds.

Action, Pheasant Fighting, Low ISO soft white balance. 

Dramatic Lighting, High iso but good natural lighting.

Setting/Background/Environment, Photoshop helped me make the background. But Low Iso high shutter 

Day at walmart with my buddy jake.

Party time at the dorms 

Jamie and I at the YRI After a Houes party 

Brandons Homes essentials 

I think we have enough chips 

Peanut butter...or Jelly..or..both?

Bond fire with the local glendive people.

Snowy night, Parking lot looked amazing.

The aftermath of that snowy night.

Trail of footsteps in the snow. lighting made this photo look good

Bus ride to williston.

Resting up before the game. 

Great day for a game of baseball

Pre-game preparation

About to go out for in-field and Out-field warm ups 

Todd explains to me the science of his success

MacKay breaks out the pine tar

Mikeys just happy to be there.

Mid-game frustrations from our leader.

Beating out a ball down the line.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Assignment 10

Requirement 1: close up
focal length: 65 mm 
apature: f/6.7
shutter speed: 1/250 
unknown iso

Requirement 3: unusual perspective  (spring break)
focal length: 18 mm 
apature: f/16
shutter speed: 1/1000

Requirement 5: Action
focal length: 130 mm 
apature: f/5
shutter speed: 1/125 
ISO: 640

Requirement 4: dramatic lighting 
focal length: 40 mm 
apature: f/6.7
shutter speed: 1/250 
ISO: 160

Requirement 2: background  
focal length: 22mm 
apature: f/8
shutter speed: 1/500 
ISO: 160

Choice: early evening moon
focal length: 70 mm 
apature: f/6.7
shutter speed: 10

Requirement 5: Action 
focal length: 110 mm 
apature: f/4.8
shutter speed: 1/125
ISO: 640

Animals & People - Abby

Requirement 1: Close Up
1/500 sec.
Focal: 360 mm
Aperture: 3.2

Requirement 2: Environment Scene, Bird Watching.
1/500 sec
Focal: 180 mm
Aperture: 3.2

Requirement 3: Uncommon Perspective, Upshot/ Sideview.
1/1000 sec.
Focal: 360
Aperture: 3.2

Requirement 4: Dramatic Lighting/ Artificial Light. High Resolution.
1/1000 sec.
Focal: 180 mm
Aperture: 3.2

Requirement 5: Action Shot. Flying.
1/640 sec.
Focal 180 mm
Aperture 3.2

My Choice 1

My choice 2

My Choice 3: Camo.

Another Action That I will Use for People.
Tells a Story.
 Dramatic Gym Lighting.
 Body Parts.
 Close Up.
 People Interacting.
 Natural Lighting.
 Self Portrait.